Composition, Arranging Orchestration

Would you like to raise the esprit de corps of your musical organization?
The commissioning of a new composition or arrangement is a time proven practice that can achieve this.
Glenn’s orchestrations can bring sparkle, light and color to your recording, special concert or event.
Glenn is a highly skilled composer, arranger and orchestrator who has written in a wide variety of genres.
He enjoys combining seemingly disparate styles into something new and different that is unified and concise.
He strives to compose and arrange in such a fashion that an audience is moved—emotionally.
Consider talking with him about whatever your needs for music are today.

Relational Conducting

Two words that are used often to describe Glenn’s conducting are “passionate” — “energetic.”
He understands that it’s the people he’s leading that make the music come alive.
Thus his conducting is relational, giving life to both the performers and their audiences.
Relational conducting—it leads performers by serving them with empathy for their task,
knowledge that is a result of preparation, clarity, and inspiration that is the result of energy
derived from the mutual realization of challenging and creative goals.

Creative Ideation

Creativity is a skill that can be learned—
resulting in ideas that are like the fresh air, swirling and breezing in the sun after a spring rain.
Using the diverge then converge methodology, Glenn can lead you and your organization through a creative process
that can help you generate new ideas, lifting your program to a higher level.
No individual, performing group or community is the same.  Each has their own history, strengths, challenges,
a personal or corporate DNA that make them unique.
Allow Glenn to take you through the divergent convergent creative process to help your group arise
in the eyes of the community it serves.

Get “Off The Fence”

You may not know exactly what you want yet, but perhaps Glenn can help you get there.  Is it time for you to get “Off the Fence?”

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