Glenn Conducting

Glenn’s Strengths:

Glenn is passionate about finding new, alternative and creative ways to move forward.  For instance, when confronted with the challenge of successfully bringing a newly commissioned work to the Corona Symphony and its audience, he suggested the use of a narrator and slides to give the audience more ways to experience the work.

He also proposed that in the work’s final movement, he write unique and integral parts for the symphony’s Youth Conservatory, thus educating the children by giving them an opportunity to play alongside the adults in a major concert.  Including the children also helped generate interest about the work among their parents and the community in general.  The accessibility of the work, paired with the resulting good publicity, helped raise the awareness and prestige of the symphony throughout the entire region. The symphony, conservatory and the composer now all enjoy the glow of having successfully debuted a world premiere of a newly commissioned work before a standing room only audience.

Glenn also cares about lifting people up to perform to the best of their abilities.  When he composes for strings, he doesn’t just write for 1st or 2nd violins, but rather, he writes for Noemy, Russ and Kimberly. He composes a part for them that’s just challenging enough to require practice, yet accessible enough that they feel that they’ve accomplished something once they have conquered it.  For Glenn, seeing people and organizations inspired and lifted higher, while strengthening their relationships with each other and their audiences are two big reasons as to why he is a musician.